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Questions about Google Calendar

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  1. questionWhy is Google returning a "Forbidden" error when syncing the calendar?
    If you are receiving a "Forbidden" error when syncing to Google Calendar, Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone, please update to SyncCell version 3.6.01 or greater. SyncCell software can be updated by going to
  2. questionWhen accessing Google Contacts, I am receiving error 'Cannot request contacts belonging to another domain'.
    If you are receiving the following error below, this is due to the Google username that you are using. Be sure to use exactly what you use to log into This usually includes the “” extension. To change your username, go to SyncCell->Contacts->PIM and reselect ...
  3. questionDoes SyncCell Support Google Contacts?
    Yes, SyncCell now fully supports Google Contacts. SyncCell is pleased to be the first PC to cell phone synchronization product in the world to support Google Contacts.
  4. questionDoes SyncCell support Google Calendar?
    Yes, SyncCell is fully integrated with Google Calendar. With One-Click, you can sync your Calendar Events from Google Calendar to your Phone and vice versa.