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  1. questionAll the times on my Android Calendar are offset by the same number of hours. What can I do?
    This is because your GMail Calendar is set to a different timezone. To correct this, go to and change your timezone setting, as shown below.
  2. questionHow do I clear / reset all Calendar Events on my Android Phone?
    To manually clear all existing Calendar Events on your Android Phone, perform the following steps. This may be necessary if your Android phone's Calendar has stopped syncing to your GMail Calendar. Access "Manage apps" Locate "Calendar Storage" and open it Click "Clear Data" to clear the exi ...
  3. questionMy Calendar Events are not displaying on my Android phone, even though I have synced them. What can I do?
    There are two common reasons for this situation to occur. The first is that SyncCell is configured to a different GMail account than what your Phone is configured to. Validate your GMail username in both SyncCell and your Phone to ensure they are the same. The 2nd and most common cause of Cal ...