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  1. questionI have a Sprint Razr2 V9m. SyncCell works great with the Contacts, but the Calendar Entries do not appear on the Phone. What's wrong?
    Unfortunately, the Sprint version of the Razr2 V9m does not support Calendar synchronization with any software.?????? This is due to a defect with the firmware of the Sprint V9m.?????? The Sprint V9m maintains two internal Calendars, but the Sprint menu only displays one of the Calendars, which ...
  2. questionThe Calendar entries on my Verizon K1m are all off by one hour after syncing. Why is this?
    This is most likely due to a Daylight Savings difference on your Phone. In fact, certain Verizon models, such as the Verizon Krzr K1m and Verizon W385, contain a firmware defect that results in the incorrect times. While SyncCell can do nothing directly about this, SyncCell does include a feat ...
  3. questionIs there a way to modify the Phone's Main Screen so I can put a link to my Phone's calendar on it?
    Yes, this is possible on most Motorola phone models. The configuration varies by model, but the following steps are generally applicable. For further details, refer to your phone's manual. To Configure RAZR Main Menu as follows: Upper Left Button = Datebook Upper Right Button = Camera Up B ...
  4. questionDoes SyncCell support the Nextel / iDEN models?
    SyncCell does not support any of the Nextel models due to issues with the Phones. Some customers have reported that various features on SyncCell work with some of the models, but we do not have any specific information related to them. Some Nextel models are the ic402, ic502, i760, i880, i930, ...
  5. questionWhat is the best non-PDA Phone to use as a PDA?
    SyncCell recommends the AT&T Razr V3xx and the AT&T Razr2 V9. These two Motorola models provide an excellent substitution to a more expensive and bulky PDA or Blackberry. If all you really want is basic PDA functionality for a fraction of the cost of a full PDA solution, then these two models ...
  6. questionI have heard that Verizon Phones do not support Calendar synchronization. Is this true?
    No, this is not true. SyncCell is pleased to support Calendar synchronization with all Verizon Motorola models, such as the V9m, K1m, L7c, Z6tv, V3m, W385, and V325i.