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Why do I receive an 'Outlook Communication Error' when I open SyncCell->ContactManager or SyncCell->CalendarManager?

Assuming that Outlook is installed on the computer, take the following steps to correct:
  1. If you are using "Outlook Express" or "Vista Contacts", then be sure to select "Outlook Express" within SyncCell->Settings->Contacts.?? If you are using the full "Microsoft Outlook" application, then continue to Step #2.
  2. Run the Outlook Connection Test at the following link. This will validate the Outlook communication outside of SyncCell.
  3. If step #2 succeeds, try to connect through SyncCell again. If you are still unable to connect through SyncCell, please contact our support staff at
  4. If step #2 fails, then reboot your computer and retry step #2 above.
  5. If step #2 still fails after rebooting the computer, run the Outlook "Detect and Repair..." utility located on your Outlook 'Help' menu.
  6. If you are still unable to connect after running the 'Detect and Repair...' utility, please contact customer support at

***Outlook 2010 Only:
If you are running Outlook 2010 and are still having issues (especially if you have upgraded from an earlier version of Outlook), please run the following file to repair your registry (note that you will need to rename the file to a ".reg" extension in order to run from your PC): (for Outlook 64 bit)

In addition, you may need to uncheck the??'Enable Extended Outlook Support' option in 'SyncCell->Settings->Advanced' if you still have problems.

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