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I have a Sprint Razr2 V9m. SyncCell works great with the Contacts, but the Calendar Entries do not appear on the Phone. What's wrong?

Unfortunately, the Sprint version of the Razr2 V9m does not support Calendar synchronization with any software.?????? This is due to a defect with the firmware of the Sprint V9m.?????? The Sprint V9m maintains two internal Calendars, but the Sprint menu only displays one of the Calendars, which is not the one that is available for synchronization.

SyncCell receives daily questions regarding this, and we encourage users of these models to submit??????tickets to Motorola and Sprint to raise more awareness to this issue. If you would like to contact Motorola, please submit a ticket to and refererence existing Incident#071206-000010.

Until Sprint and Motorola resolve this issue with the Sprint V9m, BIDCOM Technologies does not recommend the Sprint V9m to anyone looking to synchronize their Calendar with their Phone.

Alternatively, the Verizon Razr2 V9m, the Alltel Razr2 V9m, and the US Cellular Razr2 V9m, all support complete and accurate Calendar synchronization using SyncCell.

In addition, the Sprint V3m, Sprint K1m, and Sprint L7c do support Calendar synchronization using SyncCell.

There are no plans for this. Sorry for the delayed response.

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