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How do I configure my Android / Droid phone to sync with SyncCell?

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How to Download SyncCell PC Software

How to Install SyncCell PC Software

How to Run your 1st Calendar Sync

SyncCell Device Connection Window: Configuration:
By default, both your Android phone and your account are configured to be compatible with SyncCell synchronization.  However, if you are having issues, please validate the following settings...
1) Begin by accessing on your PC.

2) Once you've logged into Gmail via your PC, you need to select Settings.

3) Then follow it up by selecting Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

4) Next select Enable POP Download and IMAP Access.

5) Select Save Changes.

6) Now, proceed to your Motorola DROID or other Android phone.

7) Press the Menu key on the phone to view the applications tray, then tap Gmail.

8) Enter your Gmail user name and password on the phone.  (Be sure this is the same user name and password that you have also configured in the SyncCell Connection Window.)

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