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My Calendar Events are not displaying on my Android phone, even though I have synced them. What can I do?

There are two common reasons for this situation to occur.  The first is that SyncCell is configured to a different GMail account than what your Phone is configured to.  Validate your GMail username in both SyncCell and your Phone to ensure they are the same.

The 2nd and most common cause of Calendar Events not appearing on your phone is a problem in the syncing process between your Android and GMail.  At times, there can be a short delay in the Google synchronization process between your GMail and your Phone.  If after a period of time your events do not display on your Android Calendar, then perform the following steps to resolve the issue with the Google synchronization process.

1) First, validate that your events to appear in the online GMail Calendar.  To do this, login to and spot check a couple entries to confirm they are there.

2) On your Android Phone, confirm that the Calendar Synchronization process is enabled.  (This is enabled by default on all Android phones.)

Access "Settings"

Open "Accounts"

Ensure that the "Sync Calendar" is checked

3) If the sync process is configured and your phone's Calendar is still not syncing to the GMail Calendar, then your Phone's Calendar may need to be manually cleared.  To do this, perform the steps below to clear your Android Calendar:

Access "Manage apps"

Locate "Calendar Storage" and open it

Click "Clear Data" to clear the existing Calendar data

Note, after clearing your Android Calendar, it may take a couple of minutes for your Android Calendar to re-sync to GMail.  It may also be necessary to uncheck and check the "Sync Calendar" option in phone's Account Manager, as doing this will automatically force your phone to perform a new sync.

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